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Every day, new young people end up on the streets because they don't get the right help. The most vulnerable are those who flee war-torn countries and come here empty-handed. Being hungry and tired exponentially increases the risk of social exclusion and crime - with disastrous human consequences. Project Soulidarity is based on the science and knowledge that prevention is the most effective way to fight exclusion, poverty and crime.

The project has been operating since April 2020 and is a network of several organizations. The steering group consists of representatives from different parts of the network, currently: Red Cross, Church of Sweden, Salvation Army, War Child, New Community and Fryshuset. The network contributes directly or indirectly with financial means to implement the project. Actors outside the steering group also contributed financial resources, including Stockholms Stadsmission, which contributed to the possibility of correcting the financial deficit that arose in 2020, and the Red Cross Youth Association, which contributed funds for practical activities.

The primary mission is to assist vulnerable young people with shelter, food and access to mental health & social services (MHPSS), with the aim of respecting the rights and autonomy of each individual. In the first quarter, we have directly provided at least 26 and up to 35 places per day. During the cold months, we further expanded our activities to prevent people from freezing to death.

In 2020, the network provided more than 7200 nights of shelter to the target group and served more than 21 600 meals. The network also distributed food parcels to those without a place to sleep. In 2021, we expanded direct emergency assistance and were able to provide 12,140 days of shelter.

Furthermore, the network can directly and/or indirectly provide health care and psychosocial support and care, which includes helping and motivating individuals out of their current living situation to find sustainable and long-term solutions for a socially acceptable life.
The support is comprised of several elements and is adapted to the individual, resources and goals. The work consists of help with physical and mental care, knowledge and education, legal aid, homework help, therapeutic conversations, physical activity and the like. In total, Project Soulidarity has met several hundred individuals in 2020 and 2021 who have directly and/or indirectly benefited from assistance.

The main responsibility for practical activities lies with the Soulidarity & HumanRights NGO.

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Here you will find a thorough description of what Project Soulisarity is; why we exist, who we want to help, why and above all - how.
Project soulidarity (pdf)

Steering group

The contact to the steering group should go through

Charlotte Lagersten - Red Cross South East.
Embla Kullberg - Soulidarity & HumanRights.
My Ahlkvist - War Child.
Zozan Inci - Fryshuset.
Daniel Back - Frälsningsarmén Templet.
Ulrika Ekström - Svenska Kyrkan Järfälla parish.
James Andersson - Soulidarity & HumanRights.

You can read our 2020 Memorandum of Understanding here.

You can read our sustainability report here.
Sustainability report 2020-2021 (pdf)

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