Café Södermalm

Location: Blecktornsgränd 13, STHLM
Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 13:00-16:00
Focus: Swedish, information, support


Ukraine Job Coaching

Location: Korskyrkan, Söderhöjdskyrkan, Online
Activities: Work integration



Location: Södra Hamnvägen 9
Activities: Children's culture, Emotional support


Ukraine Job Fair

Location: Online
Activities: Work integration

Solidarity for Ukraine

Project Ukraine

Collaboration and cooperation takes place between civil society organizations, private actors and authorities. Our main purpose is to facilitate and enable work between organizations, employees and volunteers to create and make support available to the target group. Through continuous contact with Ukrainian newcomers, we keep the support relevant.

Since August 2022, Soulidarity has been leading a cross-sectoral collaboration on the design of a national digital tool for work and education integration. The tool is called Ukraine Job Fair and aims to build both short- and long-term bridges between the target group and employers, civil society, educational bodies and authorities. The site is specifically adapted to be easily accessible and available to all participants.


ESF support granted

Care for Ukraine - Ukraine Job Fair

We are pleased to announce that the Ukraine Job Fair will now be developed under our ESF-funded project Care for Ukraine. The ESF has granted full support to the project which will now be able to expand. The project will be further developed as a collaborative project with Souldiarity & Human Rights as the project owner and New Community as a collaborative actor.

The project period related to the grant is until the end of September, but we plan to continue the project as long as the need exists within the target group.

Work-integrated lecture in cooperation with Linkedin

Lecture with Linkedin

In order to give newcomers from Ukraine the opportunity to get in touch with employers we have invited LinkedIn who on Monday will come to our premises to to give a lecture. They will demonstrate how to best create and optimize your digital CV toto make it attractive to employersand how to find relevant and rewarding jobs through their service. During the lecture, we will also demonstrate our work-integrating and job-matchingplatform. Ukraine Job Fair.

Location: Blecktornsgränd 13, Café Södermalm. Time: 13:00-15:00, Monday April 17th.

Summer camp for Ukrainian children

Ukrainian Colloquium

Last year, Soulidarity & HumanRights, through the partner Center for Displaced People (Sweden) and AUPS in collaboration with Lansera Sports Camp, arranged a very appreciated camp for about 40 newly arrived Ukrainian children. The activities included a three-night stay, Leksand Adventure Park, daily restaurant visits, outdoor activities and much more.

Allowing children to be children regardless of their circumstances is vital for building the basic security and carefree memories needed to successfully integrate into Swedish society and live a healthy life. This is especially true for those who have fled war - who otherwise risk suffering from long-term psychological challenges such as PTSD.

Our work with Lansera has deepened in many ways, including through our Ukraine Job Fair platform, and we are now seeking funding to once again brighten the lives of Ukrainian children. Read more about their recent camp experience and watch the movie below.

Read our latest Thanksgiving letter to donors

For Ukrainians in Sweden

Ukraine Job Fair

Soulidarity & HumanRights (NPO/NGO) in collaboration with Framtidsverket and Lansera Virtual Events is now bringing together Ukrainian job seekers with companies to help newcomers into the Swedish labor market in order to restore the individual's financial security, create a sense of coherence and not least a meaningful socially contributing employment.

Ukrainejobfair is a year-round recruitment fair that offers tools to facilitate the hiring process for both employers and employees, ranging from interpreters, availability of civil society organization activities, career tests, job coaches, multilingual job postings, matching services and help with application processes. Let's make a difference together.


Meeting point for Ukrainian refugees

Café Södermalm

Together with blah. Ny Gemenskap, Söders kristna råd, Söderhöjdskyrkan, Sociala Missionen and Red Cross circles, Soulidarity & HumanRights NGO coordinates Kafé Söder - Mötesplats för Ukrainska Flyktingar in Söderhöjdskyrkan, Blecktornsgränd 13.

Every Tuesday between 13-18, food parcels are distributed, coffee is served and crisis support of various kinds is available for newly arrived Ukrainians.

More info on the activities

Expanding the Civil Society and Business Network

Integration pacts - Stockholm City

We are happy to announce that in December we have become members of the Integration Pact and we look forward to further cooperation on our cross-sectoral communication platform Ukraine Job Fair.

The network is an initiative of the City of Stockholm that consists of actors in and around the labor market who have a common goal of supporting labor market integration for those furthest from working life in Sweden.

More on the Integration Pact

Christmas heating when it is most needed

Christmas celebrations for newcomers

On 6 January, Soulidarity coordinated a Christmas celebration for around 350 participants together with a number of other civil society organizations.

Food and music were offered to the participants and Christmas gifts were distributed to the children. The picture in the middle shows Soulidarity's coordinator James with Yulia from the Red Cross South East Circle.

Annual report 2022

Accounting for Project Ukraine

As a result of Russia's war against Ukraine and the introduction of the EU's Mass Refugee Directive, Soulidarity has coordinated local resources in a collaborative network to assist refugees with humanitarian efforts. Furthermore, in 2022, Soulidarity & HumanRights has started a national tri-sectoral initiative to facilitate refugees. All humanitarian work is based on our core values that aim for sustainable solutions and are based on Human Rights, Agenda 2030, Democracy and Justice.

The report below refers to the practical activity of physical meetings in Södermalm, Stockholm, in cooperation with other activities in the surrounding area.

Project Ukraine Report: 2022


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